The following cute-as-all-heck bird was submitted by alert reader Shelly to We greatly appreciate her expert submission. Her albino cockatiel Malena adores the special spa treatment of wading in popcorn or cornchips.



  1. i hope I don’t find that in my popcorn bowl! 🙂

  2. I don’t know…I’m not convinced at the cuteness of birds. More submissions required to make a balanced judgement, I think.

  3. hello here i’m runing out of pop-corn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. I dont think cocks (cockatiels) can eat popcorn without getting sick but he’s really cute anyways. (I love birds!!)

  5. orr it’s soo cute i love weiro’s

  6. Hooray for kronshe! It’s kronshilicious!

  7. Please,

    Popcorn may kill your bird…. She is so cute, I have a ‘tiel of my own and love her (Ellen) so much. I know hoe these lil guyz are great ocmpanions… Popcorn may really hurt your bird. Check out They have good information on nutrition.

    Cheers. (it IS a cute pic though, but please dont try this @ home kids!)

  8. Plain, unsalted and unbuttered popcorn is perfectly fine as a treat for parrots. Just as with everything, in moderation. No idea where the “it can kill them” is coming from. :/

  9. Just like my Peaches who jumps into my popcorn bowl too. My cockatiel is 13 years old and has been eating popcorn her whole life, its okay for birds to eat popcorn.

  10. Your albino cockatiel looks just like my Kiwi! Except mine is a tad fatter. I thought she was a he untiil she laid an egg on Christmas day! Oh, well, your bird is adorable!

  11. Hi, Hope popcorn just a photo-op prop. Not good for your sweet angel ‘tiel. Should be feeding her pellets (not seeds mixed w/pellets either). Nutrition most important factor in bird health. Just trying to get message out. Organic pellets best. Try to convert her–gradually. ‘Tiels (and all pet birds) also need lots of attention and out of cage time–they’re like children. I love ’em too.

  12. I don’t understand where this “popcorn is bad for your ‘tiel” is coming from either.. Anyone who recommends feeding your bird just pellets clearly doesn’t understand the importance of variety either.