Baked On, Caked On

This baby seal, stolen from the The Solomonia blog, is almost ready for cookin’, after rolling himself in herbs and crumbs.




  1. Interesting blog concept! At least that lame post of mine ended up coming to some use.

  2. Is that dead?

  3. Baby seal!

  4. I used to run over these all the time on the way to school. What? They look like speedbumps, until there’s blood all over the place.

  5. archerdanielsmidland says:

    looks like a salted ham.

  6. archerdanielsmidland says:

    looks like a salted ham.

  7. . . . a CUTE salted ham! Jeez, baby Harp seals are SO cute!

  8. Looks like powdered sugar to me.

  9. can i club it

  10. Best. Thing. Ever.

  11. looks like a bigger version of the edible Snowballs found in American snackfoods!

  12. I think my head just exploded, it’s too much

  13. What happened to the bunnies in the tea cups?

  14. this is really mimetism!

  15. OH MY GOD! I am such a huge animal lover, and your website is the best! This silly seal!! I want to squeal with cuteness!!!!

  16. omg it looks like it was frozen to death yet so cute


  18. I just love your website! And this seal….I cant express the cuteness in words!!!!

  19. It’s so cute, and no, its not dead, I’ve seen the pic in another article, where the baby seal was just playing around, rolling in the snow..

    Earth is really a cute place to be<3

  20. did anyone see Madagascar?

    The dvd has a christmas cartoon and the Penguin Number one rule of combat is “Never bathe in hot oil and bread crumbs!”

  21. im a marshmallow

  22. He looks like a powdered doughnut!!!

  23. Itz iz zoooooooo cu te

  24. That seal is dead…poor thing. (if you guys knew any better, when animals die in cold snowy weather, snow tends to pile up on the animal in a wierd way…like how it is on the seal) if it was alive, there wouldn’t be as much snow on it.

  25. I think that in food-poor regions like the Arctic icepack, dead animals tend to be very obviously dead. Like, only bones & bits of pinked fur left. This plump little seal doesn’t seem that way to me.

  26. I think I have to agree with a post I saw earlier.
    Why don’t you just rename the site grossoverload.
    Seriously people, can you get any worse?
    Precious harp seal though.

  27. Flitter_Fox says:

    Animals in the artic bury themselves in the snow when snowstorms hit. Even sled dogs curl up and sleep in the snow during storms. The next morning, they wake up and shake themselves off and are ready for the day. Saying an artic seal has too much snow on it to be alive is like saying a fish is in too much water to be alive.

    Not to say that there’s absolutely no chance that the seal is frozen solid. But saying an artic animal is dead just because it has snow on it? That doesn’t make sense.

    Anyway, to the point – this pic is so cute I nearly cried. 🙂

  28. Flitter Fox says:

    Whoops…there’s just something about the word “arctic” that defies typing. 🙂

  29. youdon'tknowwho says:

    I think the comment the the girl “Mandy” put up is right! poor little thing, it’s sooo cute! But cruel!! How could you laugh at that?!?!?

  30. You people saying “IT’S DEAD!” are sick. Get help.