About to scale Mt. Bernard

Bok, bok bok, let’s see, I got mountain climbing shoes, check, bok, cramp-ons, check. Who’s gonna spot me on the ascent?

Muchas gracias to alert reader Jenny Huangfu.



  1. The size comparison is great. Makes the dog look like the gentle giant. Cuteness! 🙂

  2. You can’t go wrong with a baby animal and an enormous dog.

  3. Awsome

  4. how cute is this pic. big dog with little chick. classic ‘arhhh’ factor to it

  5. you guys. dont u realise that that is every where on the internet. its a cheat

  6. So cute! Our old St. Bernard used to be friends with a cat. When the St. bernard was stood up the cat used to walk under her tummy. St bernards are such gentle giants. *misses old st. bernard, wants to cuddle it*

  7. St. Bernards are insane… the last one I saw had a head the size of a 3 year old kid. No joke.