Super special thanks to The UK Gower Bird Hospital who also seem to specialize in fine baby weasel care. One day this little dude will be released to the wild, where he will scamper away, look back, then scamper some more.



  1. soooo sweeeet!

  2. Being a Weasel myself, I’m inclined to agree that this is like the cutest thing ever. I saved the first picture to my hard drive (something I rarely do) so I could show it to people, and possibly use as an avatar on some forums that I go to.

    The Weasel approves.

  3. Oh my goodness, he is soooo cute. ^^;;;; But he should not be in Gerbil-like animals, for he is a mustelid and not a rodent. XD He has fangs, see? and all rodents have buck teeth. X3; Yes, I am geeky. Geeky and OBSESSED WITH WEASELS. XD

  4. OMG! cute! All these photo’s are too dang cute >.< ! ^_^;

  5. I, too, am a huge weasel fan. I love these pics! I have a ferret named Edgar “JB” Winter. She’s a dark-eyed white ferret. THIS IS THE BEST WEBSITE EVER!

  6. Aww bless the poor lil’ thing
    (its too cute!)

  7. the cutest thing on earth!!! waaah! hhehehe

  8. awwwwwwwwwww cute!

  9. little miao says:

    such a bitty little baby. impossibly cute!

  10. make sure it dosent slip out of your hand,LOL..why are you giving the poor lil thing a shot ): goood luck!!!!!!!!!!!