Oh, it’s ON

It’s has *just* come to my attention that “Cute Overload” is not the ONLY blog of major cuteness around. Major props goes to the team of experts over at “Adorablog“. (They even a better name, sheeshe!)

We suggest you visit both sites to see what makes your brain melt more; us or them. As we discover more competition, we will add them to our link list. May the mostest cutest site win! 😉



  1. Hi! You have a very sweet and nice site, and I hope Cute Overload and Adorablog can be blog-friends!

  2. Absolutely! Adorablog deserves major props.

  3. Cutey Patootie says:

    Though adorablog is adorable, cuteoverload is hilarious, and packs quite a whollop. Well done!

  4. Amy Meltzer says:

    wow this is sooooooooo cute! 🙂

  5. HEY awesomest site ever the pictures are the cutest!

  6. Cute Overload lives up to it’s name; Adorablog is more blog, less adora.

  7. I think you’re way cuter.;)