Cuteness GOLD!

Thanks to The Statesman Journal of Salem, Oregon, for the following photo which should win an effing OSCAR. It fufills so many cuteness rules, for starters, it’s more than one type of baby animal, second, it’s a Chihuahua and Chipmunk combination! The only thing cuter might be the Chihuahua and the chipmunk nursing on a deer, causing a Cuteness Trifecta™—but—that would also be weird.

Apparently, a quick-thinking vet (who is obvoiusly a fan of sent this Chihuahua home with an orphaned baby Chipmunk and hoped for the best. Holy Thanksgiving!





  1. Er, you mean the Statesman Journal, which is in the address of the story, not the “New States Journal.”

  2. Thank you, Gina! Updated!

  3. That looks very fake.

  4. yeah right. like a chickmunk or whatever the hell it would do that!

    mostlikely um… NOT!

  5. aww thats so cute u guys are all dumb its adorable!!

  6. squirrelslove nuts

  7. +[Twisted Firestarter]+ says:

    um to me that looks very bad from the dog’s side and actually very gay from the squirrels or w/e’s part..excuse my french but it looks like they’re about 2 suck that dog’s nuts…no im not being perverted im just describing what i see….(and anyways why the hell would i be perverted if i go to this site..thats sadistic and discusting,like my comment XD)

  8. Actually ya’ll need a life, if you guys knew any better, you would know it is very common for something to happen like that is kind of like being a foster parent.. Except you foster parent wouldnt breast feed you, I hope and if she did u have a problem

  9. the black thing looks photo-shopped. its sharper than the orange dog.

  10. That is actually very nasty. Chihuahua’s are not cute in the first place and that does not look like a chipmunk. So stop posting it in every category!

  11. That is SO not cute!! That is creepy and gross. I personally think chihuahua’s are ugly and the black thing looks so photo-shopped and that doesnt look like a chipmunk!!! It really ISN’T cute!!!

  12. What in the hell is the black thing!? Do you see it’s tiny pink foot pad? Hilarious. There’s no mention of it in the official caption.


    at least that’s what the little black thing must have been sayin as he leeched on to what seems to be that poor doggs balls 🙂 just thought i’shed some light on ur site

  14. Totally photoshopped.

  15. aft and cal says:

    This picture is really weird we don’t know if it’s more cute then it is disturbing! other animals getting food from a whole different species is a little odd.

  16. First of all, all you people who think it looks like the baby animals are about to suck the chihuahuas ‘nuts’ are idiots. It’s an effing FEMALE chihuahua. Yes, FEMALE. NO balls. And anyways, even if it was photoshopped, I wouldn’t really care. And if you didn’t already get this, the black animal is a freaking chihuahua.

  17. I think it’s cute. All those people who think drinking another species’ milk is gross-I hope none of you eat dairy, cos guess what? You are consuming the lactation of another species…

  18. Definitely agree with Mandy & Bebe. Totally photoshopped! Looks so fake!

  19. Villeline says:

    My problem is not with the chipmunk – I’ve seen weirder combinations – but, that I didn’t see it at first and though Buffy’s “real” puppy was a mole! I mean, how can they not see the difference between a chipmunk and a mole, I thought! Hahaha! XD

    Oh, and Meg & Theo, looks like you have attracted porn pushers… 😦

  20. Sorry guys but that photo is real. I should know as that is my moms dog. The black thing is a puppy and the orange thing is a chipmonk. She had taken her dog to the vets for a post birth checkup and someone brought in the chipmonk that they found out on the sidewalk. The vet gave it to my mom for her dog to nurse. No photoshopping involved.

    here is a link to the page that has three articles on the chipmunk. The chipmunk thrived and was released by a wildlife rehabber in oregon.

  22. Villeline — thanks! Meg has just axed it.