Must….reach…bat….belt! (collapse)

Don’t you know that this kitten used ALL his strength that day just to sit up for this photo—like .02 seconds, before taking one unfocused look at the camera and flopping down again to sleep all day.


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  1. LOL!

  2. awwww!<3

  3. I just want to give this baby a HUGE SMOOCH on it’s furry little ‘mouch’!

  4. this is soooooooooooooo cute. i wish i could hug this little kitten right about now.

  5. wow! what a cutie! it would of been even more of a cute overload if it was a puppy..hehe

  6. That is sooo cute! I think it’s amazing! The other kittens are lazy, but he’s tough. ^_^

  7. justin_fan says:

    2 much efort 2 hold itself up
    how touching
    i wanna giv it a hug

  8. lluckycliff says:

    Can you believe there are only 7 comments?? LMAO if this pic were posted today there would be 70! *sigh* those were the good old days….