Cute or Sad? #1

You be the judge—to me, this entry falls into the Sad category—cause you know those teeny ducklings are like, WTF?





  1. Looks like the dog is being attacked and overrun by fluffy little chicks. Someone help him!

  2. Haha, that’s so cool, I wish I had a squad of baby ducks 😀

  3. Ok.. now I want cute little ducklings to follow my dog around, like that. TOTALLY ADORABLE!

  4. It’s sad, because where is the motherduck?!

  5. The dog probably ate the mother duck

  6. no not sad. totally Cuuuuute!

  7. I wonder if the mother duck ran away because that is a lot of babies, y’all! Don’t they usually only have 4 or 5?

    I still vote CUTE, though, since everybody seems healthy and happy.

  8. Do you think this is sad because the dog woke up from some drunken misadventure with a duck, only to find himself covered with her little chicks who hatched and imprinted on him and now he must pay for his little indiscretion for the rest of his life while the poor innocents can’t understand why daddy doesn’t love them and how cute and good do they have to be in order to be worthy of his love?

  9. its sad cos er-hello! chicks should stick with their mutha,no chase a dog! idiots

  10. maybe the mother died due to any other reason? accident? the dog accepts his role being the new mother. thats definitely cute

  11. monica lopez says:

    that is really adoreblel and you dont see that kind of stove everyday

  12. Actually, this is from an experiment we learned about in my psych class. The guy is Karl Lorenz, and he was demonstrating imprinting, which is when an animal becomes attached to the first animal it sees after it is born.

  13. Cute, not sad. I’ve had ducks, raised ducklings, and as long as there’s someone feeding them, the dog will make a fine mother.

  14. citygrl1980 says:

    First it’s sad because the ducklings should be with their natural mother, but then it’s cute because the dog has become their foster mother for whatever reason, and at least didn’t eat them!

  15. so cute

  16. Selene Humes says:

    This is the most adorable picture ever!!!!! You are so lucky to have an adorable duck and a ton of cute little ducks. They must be fun to have around. I wish that I was that dog!!!!

  17. Are you aware that children die everyday because of your cruel, addicitng, enviormentally un-safe practices? Are you aware?

    Aww I’m just playing with you, I got my friend light up duck lamps from Target for her birthday..maybe they were cute? 😉

  18. It is sad cause those ducks are probably being raised to be dinner, that’s why there’s so many and there’s no momma. It’s cute cause, come on? Who doesn’t want that many yellow fuzzies follwing them around?

  19. Wow. Its like three things in one.

    Cute, funny, and sad.

  20. the cheikens following the dog thats funny and strange

  21. The god is going to slam down on this horrid interspecies mix.

  22. why do cute things become so delicious???

  23. Adorable. However, the man is not Konrad (not Karl) Lorenz, the ethologist best known for rediscovering imprinting. Konrad Lorenz was born in 1903 and died in 1989 in Vienna. Mini-lesson of the day. 🙂

  24. That is SOOOOO cutei cant belive people are calling that sad i mean the dog looks HEALTHY and HAPPY and the ducklings too so there CUTE haha we win!!!!!

  25. I have a siberian husky and i wish she had a ton of baby ducklings following her around instead of just chewing up the new carpet. I dont just think this picture is cute, i think it is beatiful. i only wish that my life could consist of something as happy and innocent as that dog and her babys.

  26. kitcata says:

    “Actually, this is from an experiment we learned about in my psych class. The guy is Karl Lorenz, and he was demonstrating imprinting, which is when an animal becomes attached to the first animal it sees after it is born.”

    I totally studied Karl Lorenz and the whole imprinting thing in my Animal Behavior Class. I love that you knew that. Karl Lorenz rocks.

  27. kitcata says:

    Oh, oops, I think his name is Konrad Lorenz, not Karl Lorenz. Anyway, at least his studies on imprinting rock, not necessarily the man himself.

    I guess either way, the ducklings and the dog are definitely cute and not sad.

  28. its sooooooooooooo cute!

  29. dont u think?????????????

  30. omg thats so cute!!
    alot o little ducks went out one day. into the city and far away. mother dog said woof woof woof woof
    alot of little ducks came back!!

  31. Anybody's says:

    Dear Raji,
    No, the dog wasn’t sleeping off a hang over, or fucked that poor mother duck, I think the duckies just liked the dog, and how good of a pillow he must be.

    Your sick,

  32. i’m angry at the mother duck. if you’re not mature enough to take care of your own children, you shouldn’t be having sex.

  33. Crystal says:

    So cute!

  34. This is more like from imprinting. As studied by Karl Lorenz, precocious animals imprint on the first living thing they see after birth because under normal situations, this would be their mother.

  35. L4zykrnb0i says:

    The dog seems like a Jindo from Korea. The man with the dog seems Korean too.

    Definately cute

  36. its both cute & sad because the ducks don’t have their mother & they are cute by following a dog thats fluffy thats why the ducks think its their mother. is in tht funny .

  37. DUCK YOU

  38. ok…first i think this is a little sad cuz what happened to the mother duck???? but it is sooo cute cuz the little ducklings have a new mother that loves them enough to feed them….but that is also gross cuz ducks drinking dog milk???? whats that all about??? lastly, kinda confusing….how do the ducklings mistake a huge dog for their mother when that dog looks absolutely nothing like a duck besides the fluffiness??

  39. i sorta disagree with the first comment on it being sad cuz the ducks wouldn’t be thinking that if they decided to follow the dog in the first place…but then again i agree with it because when they grow up, they’ll probably figure out that they were “adopted.” Poor ducks…

  40. Ducks… not mammals… don’t need milk… errh…

  41. Cute!

    Ducks imprint the first creature that they see as their mother, so that dog was probably the first living thing that they saw when they came out of their eggs. Also, ducks are not mammals, so they do not drink milk from their mothers. And I don’t think ducks have the capability to understand that they were “adopted”…

  42. hdgfckaujehcbfiea says:


  43. heather says:

    lol thats cute!

  44. “The dog seems like a Jindo from Korea. The man with the dog seems Korean too.”

    I think it is Japan instead of Korea because the billboard in the background says NHK which is the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation.

    Very very cute picture…

  45. I think that this is cute & sad!

  46. pet lover says:

    i think its sad and cute…
    SAD: having babies follow you it reminds me of dawn of the dead….(it was so scary!)
    CUTE: the dog and the baby chix follow and lay down or the dog ate their mom…

  47. pet lover says:

    cute then delisious!…. nick lachey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MAN!
    HE IS…………………

  48. losers that is so not sad or cute

  49. that is so cute there like a family.

  50. vivamoxie says:

    immediate reaction: definitely sad.

  51. so cute♡

  52. is so cute…

  53. i think it’s cute.

  54. such controversy…

  55. Some Dogs get all the Chicks!!

  56. Deirdre Dee says:

    Is this really a dog? Looks a LOT like my pet Arctic Wolf, including the tail (my wolf has 1/8 Husky). Whatever it is, it is really well trained.

  57. Another Random Person says:

    WTF!! Those ducks are like dying coz of that FAT dog that’s squishing them OMFG THIS IS DEFINATLY SAD I LIKE DUCKS THEY ARE CUTE BUT I DONT WANT THEM SQUISHED BY THE BIG FAT DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. chicken bawk

  59. Fifteen ducklings and they’re ALL yellow? I don’t think so… There were billions of ducks around where I used to live, and the majority of them were white and brown.

  60. Danielle Rust says:

    This is just plain adorable not sad. I mean that dog would usually eat those pore inosint craetures. But those ducklings followed the dog. I think that is cute.

  61. A cute doggy covered with cute ducklings? And imprinting after the pup? CUTE!!!!!!!

  62. awwwwww…….
    you know i never heard of mother dog with alot of ducks behind it lol
    is is soooooooo cute

  63. I think it’s great. I had a baby mallard sleep under my Irish Setters ear. What I want to know, what kind of dog is that?

  64. I would start laughing if I saw that in person!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  65. Ha ha i would pee in my pants if i saw this on the street!!!!!!!!! lol lol lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah IM HIGH!!!!!

  66. I know being a mother is not easy.

  67. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!