Rule of Cuteness #5: Fisheye lens + baby animal is always cute


Unless of course it’s an iguana. The best example of this being the rock solid, high-cuteness factor of the Japanese calendars “The Dog” or “The Cat.”



  1. J-List is a fine source for calendars from Japan, including The Dog and The Cat items:

  2. This is improperly labeled, thats nto a cat, that’s a Shiba Inu puppy 😛

  3. OH MY GOD! I just want to grab this little one and cuddle and kiss him until we both pass out from cuteness!

  4. OMG!!!!! I CANNOT believe it!!! That puppy is so cute! I’m gonna do what Barbie did 😛 lol


  5. It’s “The Dog”

  6. I’m not a fan of The Dog stuff.

  7. Do you want to kill me? It is so adorable!

  8. baaaaaaaby eeelephant says:

    OMG, Lauren-Noelle! How could you say that???!?!?!?!?!?!!?? that’s so sad 😦
    Poor you!!!!!!!! i’m going2 pretend i didn’t hear that! *sniff* *sob*

  9. They don’t call this site cuteness overload for nothing….I can’t stand this picture!

  10. OMG!!!! That is the cutest thing I’ve seen my entire life!!! I want that puppy in my arms in like 2.5 seconds! I’ve never seen anything cuter!