Welcome to the Dollhouse

Alert reader Cory Pinter and his girlfriend (who must be fabulous to have suggested sending this photo) sent this Hamster Haus photo. Obviously, this Hamster just woke up from a nap and is stretching, thinking about his morning cup of Joe and side carrot. Brilliant decorating job he’s done…



  1. I dunno, is this Hamster falling, is it under duress, being tipped?? I’m sure not, very cute.

  2. Caught mid-stretch! This hamster is so cute!

  3. Auntie Em! Auntie Em!!!
    Looks to me like the tornado just struck, and he’s hanging on for dear life.

  4. Hamsterreaper says:

    It looks like he’s being sucked into a black hole through his window. Look at that terrified expression!

  5. awww this hamster is soo cute!! it looks like my hamsteer which died:( aww cute hamster tho!

  6. aww so cute my hamster is just like this one but only black=)

  7. Streching in my number one hamster-spa

  8. Jeroenoman says:

    Very cute.

  9. Very cute, yes, but I must take issue with the “Brilliant decorating job.” Those curtains are atrocious!

  10. The hamster is just waking up and stretching! no seriously – Hamsters look like that just before they stretch and release a huge yawn!

  11. would have been cuter if it were mid-yawn. And those drapes need to be eaten

  12. precious princess says:

    i dunn wanna get out of bed….(yawm)hehehehehe

  13. I think someone stuck a camera into the doll’s house, took a picture with the flash and terrifed the hamster into that position.

  14. this is way too much… i did this with my hamster kevin, he seemed to prefer to sleep in the bathtub though

  15. 쿠후후후…방 짝네 ㅎㅎ
    ↑Korean=Oh very big house!
    hahaha Where is more

  16. That is adorable I’m going to make a house for my hamster too.

  17. when i get out of bed, i always have an erection

  18. just be lucky you have a bed i live on the corner of hyperion and sunset, but on the bright side I HAVE A HAMPSTER AND I CAN GET AN ERECTION

  19. hey, hey, hey ppl… my grandfather designed that dollhouse from scratch. it was the 70s and those curtains were in fashion at the time. he also painted out our names on that lamp base.

  20. “Uhhh I just woke up mom gimmi a sec 2 stratch!”

  21. MusicChick2 says:

    “OH NO, MR. BILL!!!”

  22. Our Tinkerbell would love this! xD
    And PJ is right…Tinks always does that when she wakes up….or ready to go to bed o.O

  23. Oh, but the HAMSTER TONGUE!!!

  24. I’m not sure the curtains match the wall-paper, but for a Hamster habitat, not bad at all!

  25. good morning!!! had a good night sleep?lol. nice room ! have a nice day!!

  26. Cute Hammy says: