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(French accent) so, Cherie…. (music in background) You like dee Ghetto Tomato? ahn? I open eet for you… non…. ssssssssssh! (covers your mouth with paw) don’t you worree—I open eet for you weeth my paw—I can do eet, ahn?. I am dee ulllltimate, Cherie—mignon, zee strong paws, zee best cook. (Pours more wine into your glass) Pooffée—moi—I take care of you tonight…



  1. Jennifer Morse says:

    That puppy is so cute! What kind is it?

  2. i like the dialog, absolutly hilarious
    why would a robot respond to a picture (image number code you type when you post a comment)

  3. rina marie says:

    toooo cute! what kind?! i want one

  4. lisa jarvis says:

    lol i can just imagine the lil doggy speaking to me in a french accent …nd i like it! haha

  5. You’re very méchants. French people don’t all have an awful accent !!! But, most of the time, I admit it’s hilarious and stupid.

    Anyway, ce petit chien est tellement mignon !!!

    LiZa, une vraie française.

  6. to cute! I love it!

  7. Ghetto tomato? Chock full of awesome, that.

  8. Samantha Smith says:

    TOO CUTE!! i love it.

    !?!?!WAT KIND!?!?!

  10. It’s a Bichon Frise.. pretty sure..

  11. aaaaahahaha
    that’s silly 😛
    i can just hear the little dog w/ an awful french accent…
    “zee language of luff!”