With the fro, I’m 1 foot 5

This is ridiculous. There should be a whole category dedicated to the styling of these bunnies—obviously, someone took great pains to fluff the heck out of "Verissa" which is the most fabulous name for a rabbit ball. Oh, she’s on a pedestal for a very good reason!





  1. snort of funnyieness

  2. Maybe this is Verissa in “defence mode” (a la puffer fish)…


  4. that is not cute its fat

  5. That’s crazy! How much time does that fur take every day? I can’t even believe someone could get a bunny to sit still for that. It’s unreal! Pretty, imperial, and UNREAL.

  6. Admiral James T. Kirk took one look at the visitor and stepped out the nearest airlock (because in space, no one can hear you scream “Tribble!!”).

  7. for those of you who aren’t aware of this magnificant breed of bunny, they are called angoras. and it’s not that they’re fat as one person commented, it’s that they are like sheep and need to be sheered every so often. check out more at them at http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=angora%20rabbits&sa=N&tab=wi

  8. lmfao! and i thought at first its sheep! 😀


    I will say no more on the subject. Even for an Angora, that’s just…


  10. bunnies are Cute but this one is very scary

  11. ohmigod! it’s the WERE-RABBIT

  12. I want to use that bunny as a pillow SO much… TOO CUTE!

  13. This looks like a prize english angora of Betty Cho in California

  14. awww its a fluffy pillow/shedding-machine bunny! how adorable!

  15. It’s the 70’s bunny.A flash or blast from past!O ya….

  16. alayniekat says:


  17. This is positively adorable. How the owner manages to tame the weed of hair on this rabbit is beyond me. All I can say is: “Where can I get me one of those to stuff into my pillow?”

  18. dark_moonlight says:

    peace out peoples!!!

  19. I’m actually allergic to bunnies, but after looking at this blog, I WANT ONE!

    But definitely, no joking, if I were NEAR this bunny, I would have to go to the hospital.

  20. mmm…cotton candy…^^

    It’s not fat, it has just alot of fur:D

  21. precious princess says:

    one word………..

  22. LOl ya looked like a sheep!…that’s….a bunny..? o.o

  23. when I was younger my mom used to raise English Angoras. She spins and waves their fluffy wool. Some people think these rabits look like dogs. I don’t get it… but they are awesome bunnies full of character. It isn’t overweight, it is FLUFFY! =)

  24. That’s not a bunny!

  25. that bunny needs to lay off the truffles.

  26. WHOAZA!
    thats not a bunny thats my bikini line! whoa there!

  27. Janie Glass says:

    Actually people english angoras only weigh around seven pounds. What you see is five – six or more inches of prize winning wool.
    That pic was nabbed off Betty Chu’s site if Im not mistaken and she normally does appreciate her prize winning bunnies pictured without her permission.
    Angoras of any type are one of the hardest and most rewarding types of rabbits to raise, show or keep for pets.
    For all of you who posted such rude comments you would not have a clue what care one of these lovely creatures require or how much love and fun they bring to your lives.
    I have had the pleasure of having atleast two or more of these sweethearts as pets for over five years now and could not imagine life without one in our home.

  28. HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS FUNNY!

  29. thats a big fluffy bunny is
    nt it woh!

  30. Fall;;Out;;Boy says:

    OH MY GAWD!!!
    fluffy bunneh pillow!!!!


  31. Rabbit: Help! I can’t see!

  32. emo;;kidz says:

    gaaawwd thats cutee! ;]

  33. Claire g says:


  34. it came from wallace n gromit-the were rabbit right?!

  35. bunny a la… PUFFER FISH???

    i see a lot of fur with a nose.

    that must be the snuggliest thing i’ve ever seen.

  36. kisekileia says:


    and…bunny so FLUFFY!!!

  37. what the……..

  38. Phantom says:

    where’s the bunny??

  39. Baaa! Baaaaaaa!

  40. Pixiebumm says:

    Oh my god, he looks like a Lunatic, from Ragnarok Online. http://usuarios.lycos.es/roguide/images/topics/lunatic.gif

  41. OMG! Wow is she stuck in the 80’s

  42. thats flipin sweet man ill think about that look

  43. sunshine says:


  44. sunshine says:

    is that really a bunny?

  45. Should be an AquaNet ad.

  46. sunshine says:

    i guess it really is a bunny

  47. Hilary Anderson says:

    He is cute because he is so wide and fluffy.

    Natasha aged 7

  48. Samantha Smith says:

    How does that bunny walk around without tripping on its nice,fluffy,soft fur?

  49. i love her!

  50. i think it’s cute <3

  51. Is it cat, is it rabbit, or is it just fur??

  52. Your scale says your weight is 1,562 million and 85 kazillion. You must lay off the candy!

    Where’s the bunny? What is fat and what is fluff?

  53. if you hold it up in the air people will mistake it for a cloud!!!

  54. soggyfritter says:

    So this IS in fact from Betty Chu’s site, from her 2003 BIS winners . . . there’s a whole site of these bunnies. Some of them even look like Ewoks.