Rule of Cuteness #4: more than one species of baby flopping around is cute

The color coordination is irresistible, and the low-down camera angle just accentuates the fact they are not much larger than the blades of grass they sit on. *But* I give them an 8.5—no paws are up, and there is the BEF on the bunny (Beady eye factor)





  1. This is way…too….cute. AWWWWWWWWWWW…I just can’t even believe that I stumpled across this website.

  2. What do you wanna do to-nite, Brain?
    Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!!

  3. I’m desperately trying to send you my cute submission, but isn’t working. 😦

  4. 8.5? that is so 10! the way the cat is looking down, and its mouth is close to the mouth of the rabbit(as though they are whispering to each other)….
    “ok heres the plan…” -cat
    “un hunh” -wabbit
    “the guy is going to take a photo” – cat
    “un hunh” – wabbit
    “put on as much cuteness as possible” – cat
    “gotcha” – wabbit

  5. Huh?! Beady-eye factor? Bunny-boy’s eyes look adorable! No red-eye, so…good to go.

  6. I’m stealing them. Ahhhhh.

  7. ScorpioSprit says:

    Kitty: Here’s the deal; *whispers*
    Wabbit: No, you are not borrowing my parka…

  8. RABBIT FOR THE WIN!!!1111!!2
    The rabbit and the kittenpussy are like, the sweetest aniflumpies I evah did see! I broke ups wif my boifwend cuz he didn’t think this wuz cute!

  9. cutiness freak says:


  10. Look we’re pretty shy and we don’t want to draw attention to our dear little selves, but may we please go in the Matchingks category?