More mice-like things

Just what *are* these things and what are they doing? Doormice feverishly cleaning some guy’s lime swim trunks? Or Is that a large colorless piece of lettuce? Who cares, they’re beyond cute. They might be associated with the Dry Cleaning Snow White Bird below.




  1. I think they’re chinchillas.

  2. THANK YOU for the clarification! Chinchillas! Excellent, I should have known.

  3. They look like Russian Dwarf Hamster’s to me…

  4. “Winter whites” – Russian Dwarf Hamster’s

  5. Yes, they’re dwarf hamsters. My sister used to have two, and they’re so adorable ^_^
    Chinchillas are much bigger, and they have tails.

  6. They’re actually eating cabbage.

  7. Siberian to be exact… Had one named Sylvester, he rocked, would stretch and yawn, sticking his tongue out as he did.

  8. A Spelling Nazi says:

    Would’ve been ‘dormice’ anyhow.

  9. They’re not chinchillas, they’re dwarf Russian hamsters.

  10. Actually, these look more like Russian Dwarf Hamsters to me. Regardless, the cuteness factor is the same.

  11. these guys are dwarf hamsters just like the little guy holding court in the pic with the pup, bunny, & kitten

  12. They’re actually dwarf hamsters, not chinchillas. Chinchillas are some type of rabbit; these hamsters could fit in your palm.

  13. I think they’re siberian hamsters. I had some and they’re really small and cute.

  14. uhm, actually those are dwarf hamsters. not chinchillas. chinchillas are waaaayyy bigger and look totally different. 😉

  15. Those look like dwarf hamsters to me… possibly russian dwarfs, but the markings look just a little off so they might be a chinese relative.

  16. hehe… guess others thought the same thing… I got an error when I tried posting that earlier and left the page open to try again later… sorry for the repeat info…

  17. No, chinchillas look like that–>

    Those little fuzzies are Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters. Gots a couple of ’em meself. 😉

  18. Those look like raccoon marked dormice! *CAN I EAT THEM?* they are really really really cute! I think they are dwarf hamsters.


  19. stealthdog says:

    pasq242- “Chinchilla” is both a breed and a coat color of rabbits- but chinchillas are also another type of critter, too. They come from the Andes mountains and are often raised for their fur.

  20. More winter whites
    Ain’t they cute?

  21. they are actually siberian hamsters-they go white in the winter and they are even cuter then!!

  22. sumpin sumpin says:

    they look like nasty lil rodents to me.ewwwwwwwww.if they were like a different color like blk n white.

  23. I thought that they were roberowskis, which are smaller than russian dwarf hamsters, and a lot sweeter, too.

    Working at a pet store has done wonders for my small-animal identifying skills. ^.^

  24. Yeah, those are Russian Dwarf hamsters. I kept some as a teenager — they’re some of the most adorable creatures ever. ::kisses their noses!::

  25. yep, russian dwarf hamsters. their cute yes but i dont care for them as they are a bit mean because of their size and very timid. we had a few litters of them and the last litter killed and ate the mother, kind of canabalistic, they dont like to be held either like regular teddy hamsters do.

  26. p.s. i’ve never seen them turning white in the winter. maybe in the wild but dont think so..

  27. I have about 6 dwarf hamster, and they are very pleasant. We never have any problem picking them up to cuddle. They look like those, but one of them in Albino, looks like a cotton tuff!

  28. These are Russian Hamsters or similar. Chinchilla’s are not a rabbit, they’re a separate species, although confusingly there is a colouration of rabbits known as chinchilla!

  29. I think they are scheming a plot to raid the kitchen =P

  30. Siberian Dwarf Hamsters

  31. 8 maids a milking

  32. Yeah, what’s up with this ‘mice-type things’ buisness? Rodents deserve to be noted for what species they are… They deserve it!

  33. birdfanfan says:

    I’m hooked. And they look like siberian dwarfies. (or winter white russians) They are the same thing. Anyway A+ on cuteness!!!

  34. I just LUV dees wituw guys!!

  35. do they really go white on winter?? I have one of those, she’s 50 days old 🙂

  36. CyroticPanther says:

    @Woupidy: sometimes they do. I had one that lived nearly 3 years (that’s a lot) but only turned white for one winter.

  37. those are definitely russian dwarf hamsters…like ella, i also worked in pet store for 4 years. and i agree they look like they are the smaller, more friendly variety

    PS: (to missy) hamsters of all types are solitary animals…they will almost always fight, even if they come from the same litter. the only breed of hamster that is possible to keep more than one of together are black bear hamsters ALSO…if you ever have a pregnant hamster, mix a handful of small dog food into their food. lack of protein is why hamsters have a nasty reputation for eating their babies, or the other way around for that matter. but adding dog food to their diets gives them the extra protein boost, and they won’t eat eachother 🙂 i promise this works…it’s how we kept all our litters alive at the pet store.

  38. Linda, you are completely wrong. black bears are not a different breed of hamster, they are just black coloured syrians! they cannot be kept together and more than other coloured syrians. dwarfs on the other hand can be kept together, and it is suggested that this be preferrable for them. i’m shocked that you work in a pet store and don’t know this basic info! you should read some books!

  39. Jan Panda says:

    Most definitely Russian Dwarf Hamsters. I used to have a couple. I miss those guys. *sigh*

  40. Lovely groups of Campbell’s Russian Dwarf Hamsters; my own send their regards, and are jealous of the cabbage-feast!

    And yes, as has already been observed, Dwarf Hamsters are the only hammies that can be safely kept in colonies after reaching sexual maturity. Black Bears, as a mutation of Syrians (their spines are bent more than the average Syrian’s, which gives them that lumbering ‘bear-like’ gait) will fight when they come to maturity as surely as Syrians will.

  41. These aren’t chinchillas. They are dwarf hamsters.

  42. My beautiful ratties resent the ‘sometimes a cute nose leads to a not-so-cute animal like rats’ comment! Rats are gorgeous. sheesh. talk about bias! you need more beautiful rat pics.

  43. Russian dwarf hamsters for sure! My brother used to have one, it was evil! Used to attack anyone who put their hand in the cage. So for me this picture is not as cute as it should be. I like syrian hamsters, they are friendly!

  44. I think their playing basketball. Yes see, there are 5 ready to go back onto the court, two subs, and one coach telling them what to do in this huddle. Yes, that’s it.

  45. Definitely dwarf hamsters. P. Sungorus if you ask me. worked with them all summer. very cute 🙂

  46. dems cuties. dude, someone delete this fordsmith guy the hellz off of here

  47. Um, Ruthgreen…

  48. why is it that some a*hole feels the need to post irrelevant crap just to tie things up? Be a civil human being, it’s much more rewarding. Oh and btw … love the hamsters!

  49. Brianna says:

    I have to say that these are 150% Siberian Dwarf Hamsters, not winter whites, and not syrians. I breed Siberian Dwarves, so I know, Winter Whites have a bit of a different flavour to them. Just thought I might clarify.

  50. Hammie lover says:

    They are siberian dwarf hamsters!! I have one named munchkin here at home!!! looks just like them!!! chinchillas are MUCH bigger, guinea pigs are to, i have 2 guineas!!!

  51. I just want everyone to know from someone with experence that these are defenatly not chinchillas! I have one and I am completly addicted to finding out everything there is to know about them. So even if I have no Idea what they I know they are not chinchillas.

  52. James Lucid says:

    I have four mice and their
    names are Kara, Adrianna, Lee, and Jade. But Lee loves to run. And
    Kara loves to hide.

  53. these rusian dwarves are so cute!!!!

  54. I thought they’re Russian Dwarf Hampsters too – they’re coloured and look (almost) exactly like the one living about two foot from me now ^^

  55. they look like russian dwarf hamsters to me my sis has one (i fogot the real name it is something like roberofskies hamster)

  56. also chinese drawf and russian dwarf hamsters have a distinct line down their back

  57. these are baby chinchillas i have a doctors degree in animal science. I have rasied baby chinchillas and these are diffenitly baby chinchillas

  58. They are so CUTE!!!!!!! I wish I had a pet chinchilla!!!!!

  59. None of you are even close (least of all Mr. Animal Science Doctor) because these are CLEARLY Lesser Northern Snipes. The ones in the pic are probably born & raised in captivity, but in the wild, supposedly the only way to catch one of these sly buggers is with a sky hook. It helps if you have a left-handed smokeshifter with you, y’know, to flush ’em out of the underbrush first.

  60. I really don’t know what they are, The might be really small chinchillas. They might be hamsters. I honestly can’t tell.