Moments later, the mouse’s tail was seen dangling out of the cat’s mouth

But for now, aren’t they cute? Former foes, having a tender, whisker-entangled moment. High BEF on the mouse.





  1. Yeah, mice and cats together are always. Well, except for that being a rat. 😉

    It’s ok. Rats are way cuter than mice anyway.

  2. i'mashamedtosaymyname says:

    That’s most certainly a rat. Rats are awesome.

  3. You’re absolutely right! Thank you, Alert Readers!

  4. He’s using subliminal messages while the cat sleeps: ‘You love the rat. The rat is your friend. And you will leave 10% of your food for him each day….”

  5. I was just going to be pedantic about the mouse/rat issue, but I’m not going to come up with anything funnier than Alison – nice one!

  6. Awww SO cute!