Rule of Cuteness #1: Putting a Paw Up is Cute




  1. you put one foot in, you put one foot out then you put ont foot in and you shake it all about, you do the hokey pokey and turn your self about. thats whats its all about!

  2. Shouldn’t that be
    “put your FRONT paw up”?

    Back paws = not so cute

  3. This site has proven that, while on a back, ALL paws up is VERY cute. 🙂

  4. awsome

  5. digitalgirl says:
  6. Maybe a new rule of cuteness: animals + snow = cute!

  7. ~~Girl~~~ says:

    Aww!! Teh cuteness! :3

  8. I so totally agree to that. My horse lifts up his front leg and puts his head in and his ears forward with an inquisitive look if he wants something, i go to pieces it’s adorable! This site is fabulous! Nice work!

  9. err.. Ya I don’t think i’m gonna Clicky on those..

  10. I’ve seen this photo before at This dog is popular.

  11. Actually I think he is a pomeranian. Decendants from the spitz. I have a pom, named Tiny Tim. He’s only three pounds, most of it fur.

  12. getting warm, one paw at a time 🙂

  13. just looking back over the co early days, it’s funny there’s only 13 comments till now! people i been reading this thing from the beginning. yay cuteoverload. whatever, so I have NOTHING to say except I love co. Hey, when did that every stop someone from posting a comment on a blog before? ok, so once more with feeling