Rule of Cuteness #3: An Inquisitive Look

Oh, AND putting your paws up. Why don’t you just shoot us?


Thank you, Victoria S.

// original photo removed at the request of the owner //



  1. OMG

  2. Is that a bunny?

  3. it looks more like the abombiable snowrabbit. i thinks thats how you spell it?

  4. I need this rabbit…NOW!

  5. Yup, shoot me dead. Kill me with the cuteness why don’t you.

  6. -gun shot-

    you said to

  7. Too cute…looks like a stuffed bunny that you would cuddle up with

  8. Wow! I am just amazed at how cute your bunnies are!! My husband was saying,” What’s wrong in there?” He heard me ooing and aaaahhing at how cute and adorable they are!! Thank you for sharing you rabbits with the world!
    ~ Karrathma Snapplebottom ~

  9. I love your pics! They are so cute and cuddly! I think you should post a picture of me because my Daddy says that I’m the cutest thing in the universe!! Well, I have to go and heard a bunch of cute pigeons across my street.
    ~Mothra snapplebottom~
    p.s. I know Karrathma.

  10. AHHHHHHHH!!! This red-eyed bunny(?) is scaring me to death guys!!! Yes, I agree Lora. It looks VERY scary and VERY vicious!

  11. dark_moonlight says:

    is it a cat or a rabbit?

  12. delphinkid says:

    Its like “oh my gosh, can you guess what species I am?”

  13. Oh, come on, this has to be a toy. It’s INSANE.

  14. It looks like a dog to me, only the ears make it resemble a bunny. It’s cute though!

  15. Can I get a witness on the moustache? This thing is ridiculously cute.

  16. E. Collison says:

    C’mon people, it’s an albino bunny – nothing that’s gonna bite ya, though some of you probably deserve it 😉

  17. Janie Glass says:

    Thats my rabbit! His name was Halo. Who ever posted that pic took his image from Dr. Jungles website where he won a cuteness award. He was a ruby eye while english angora buck. He was about six weeks old in that pic.
    Unfortunately he is deceased.

  18. Janie Glass says:


    Posted by: KK | Feb 05, 2006 at 01:57 PM

    I am the owner and I had no idea someone had TAKEN this from another site where Halo was AWARDED for his cuteness and placed it here WITHOUT my persmission. You should be ashamed for being so rude.

  19. halo is a fun game but
    halo 4 has not came out yet

  20. Janie Glass says:

    He was named Halo for his angelic personality. It was not a reference to the game.

  21. Just curious, why was the picture removed? It seems like everyone except for that one exceptionally rude individual liked it. Janie, were you not pleased to have your little one shared with others now that he’s passed away?

  22. Halo the cute bun-bun can be seen on the website his owner mentioned, . I also don’t know why she’d have his pic removed from CO…I’d be very touched if one of my aminals was posthumously cooed over for their cuteness!

  23. Janie Glass says:

    If he had been commented on for his cuteness and not insulted (by more than one) for his eye coloring I would have been delighted he was pictured here but unfortunately that was not the case. I have entered my other angoras in many contests in which they have done well but I was unaware Halo had been pictured here until one of my friends brought it to my attention. I lost him along with another angora who died during her spay surgery summer last year then in Oct my apartment caught on fire and I lost more bunnies. Ater all that, seeing the rude comments posted by several people regarding Halo made me ill.
    Unfortunately rude thoughtless people are a drawback to this otherwise adorable site.
    I had discussed with Meg about replacing Halo’s image with one of my other english angoras Baron or Pixie. One is blue with blue eyes and the other is lilac with brown eyes.
    Im still thinking about that..

  24. Janie — whoa, kind of a tantrum there, eh?

    Rude thoughtless people are a drawback of more than CuteOverload, y’know. We don’t like them either. And until you said something, how could anyone have known about your apartment fire? (Sorry to hear about that, btw.)

    Trolls come and go. We mostly ignore the lot of them & let our skin thicken. Please, don’t punish the rest of us for the faults of such unbrains (like KK), who you’ll notice are deeply in the minority here.

  25. Janie Glass says:

    I have not thrown a tantrum since I was two.

    Best wishes to this site and its viewers.

  26. Not quite understanding the hullabaloo here either. Other than a couple of inane comments, which is pretty standard on any blog, the comments are very complimentary. Meg always acknowledges the origin of any pics she can, but it’s a fact of life that almost anything on the internet is pretty much up for grabs.

    Personally, I think the bunnies are adorable – so perfect that they do almost look like they could be stuffed animals. You’re very lucky Janie. And I am sorry to hear about your losses. I hope things get better soon.

  27. janie, please forgive the mean people. your bunnies are truly cute– i have never seen this kind before– i wasn’t sure they were real at first! and personally i like albinos with pink eyes. my first rabbit had pink/red eyes and she was lovely. people who think they’re creepy probably also think people who don’t look like them are creepy. which is creepy.

  28. I see we’ve got the bunnies back, which I hadn’t seen before now… and, whoa.

    Janie G., did you re-submit these? If so, thank you very much; you get points in my book for being a Person of Quality.

    The poopie-heads may jeer, but they are wrong.

  29. E. Collison says:

    Yowza – even cuter than the original pic, ’cause there are two of them and they’re F-U-Z-Z-Y x2.

  30. I believe that image came from Betty Chu’s site. The same website where the large white adult also pictured came from.
    Betty Chu is THE person when it comes to English Angoras.

  31. Janie — ah, OK, understood.
    Still, thanks for sticking around.

  32. O_O

    Whoa. Major angora bunny wipeout, d00d. [/surfer guy]

    I adore the one on the left. Fluffy, inquisitive look, pawsies up, lapine, and it has a harelip. There should /really/ be a new Cuteness Rule about harelips on rodents and rabbits and things.

  33. *shnorgle*

  34. Janie, I used to raise Angoras, even had a REW buck too. Your little Halo was an angel. 🙂

  35. I just saw this for the first time today.
    The bunny on the left is like…”Easter? HOMGWHERE?!”

  36. Katie C says:

    Whaaaaaa! Angoras!

    They look very unusual compared to the what I normally think of when I hear “bunny”. But I always melt when I see them. They’re so cute! ^^

  37. They look so fluffy. Like those kind of fluffy/stringy pillows. But in a GOOD WAY. They’re the bunny reply to clouds, obviously.

  38. CRAP! This needs to be in the news of


    Thank ya

  39. oops

    wrong link ! (the cute got to me)

  40. oops

    wrong link ! (the cute got to me)

  41. Tanya… the person to ask would be Meg, but really, if a picture here on CO doesn’t have a credit or link of its own (and lots of them do), then just include a credit/link back to Cute Overload (like you already did in “A Pampered Pooch!”).

    Also… it’s spelled “View.” I before E except after C, or when sounded like A (as in “neighbor” or “weigh”).

  42. omg! its so adorable

  43. OMG
    i could die
    couldnt u just die?

  44. You haven’t seen cute bunnies until you see this:

  45. I thought it was slippers!

  46. OMG

    D: I have the urge to smoosh them onto my face.

  47. Smash Girl says:

    i thought it was such a cute photo, but why say such a thing like, shoot us? why not something like, “our hands are up! don’t shoot!! we’ll go quietly.” or “you got us! our hands our up.” those would have been cuter.