Follow this lemming!

I would gladly follow this cute lemming to my deeeeeeeeeeath! (fade to thud)



Oh, it’s ON

It’s has *just* come to my attention that “Cute Overload” is not the ONLY blog of major cuteness around. Major props goes to the team of experts over at “Adorablog“. (They even a better name, sheeshe!)

We suggest you visit both sites to see what makes your brain melt more; us or them. As we discover more competition, we will add them to our link list. May the mostest cutest site win! 😉

Cuteness GOLD!

Thanks to The Statesman Journal of Salem, Oregon, for the following photo which should win an effing OSCAR. It fufills so many cuteness rules, for starters, it’s more than one type of baby animal, second, it’s a Chihuahua and Chipmunk combination! The only thing cuter might be the Chihuahua and the chipmunk nursing on a deer, causing a Cuteness Trifecta™—but—that would also be weird.

Apparently, a quick-thinking vet (who is obvoiusly a fan of sent this Chihuahua home with an orphaned baby Chipmunk and hoped for the best. Holy Thanksgiving!



Must….reach…bat….belt! (collapse)

Don’t you know that this kitten used ALL his strength that day just to sit up for this photo—like .02 seconds, before taking one unfocused look at the camera and flopping down again to sleep all day.


Thanks, “”!

Cute or Sad? #1

You be the judge—to me, this entry falls into the Sad category—cause you know those teeny ducklings are like, WTF?



Am I funny to you?

“I’m funny how? Funny like a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh?”-gun shot–bites your hand-384

Rule of Cuteness #6: Mimic Humans

This image covers many cuteness factors; multiple animals, looking helpless (it would be fun to turn the water on) and mimicking humans. Humans love it! I mean, half of America’s Funniest Home videos is based on animals mimicking humans (the only two things better is suddenly scared people falling down or a surprise hit to the groin).

The party continues at Cats in Sinks.com985

Rule of Cuteness #5: Fisheye lens + baby animal is always cute


Unless of course it’s an iguana. The best example of this being the rock solid, high-cuteness factor of the Japanese calendars “The Dog” or “The Cat.”

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Alert reader Cory Pinter and his girlfriend (who must be fabulous to have suggested sending this photo) sent this Hamster Haus photo. Obviously, this Hamster just woke up from a nap and is stretching, thinking about his morning cup of Joe and side carrot. Brilliant decorating job he’s done…



Oh GET OUT! (pushing you against a wall) THIS is really redonkulous. Is this even real? Because I might have to gouge my own eyes out after having seen The Cutest Thing Known to Man.