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Honnnnnk-shu! Honnnnnnnnnnnk shu!-foot twitches–pause-Honnnnnnnnnnnnk-shu




  1. The Lilliputians approached with caution, having never seen it’s like….

  2. Is that a Ragdoll?

    Looks just like mine.

  3. Gorgeous–and they are the best pals for taking naps.

  4. i love the purring soundbite, it made me cry a little cry. my kitty died very suddenly of cancer this year. i don’t get to hear purring anymore…

  5. fuzz

  6. Oh Dear GOD! HOW CUTE IS THAT??

  7. looks like a Birman to me…master cutesters! Snugglerufflemuffin! Floof floof.

  8. just 5 more minutes…

  9. Must, wake, up, but sooooooooooooooooooooo tired!!!!!!

  10. Not to be rude dudes, but, is this the least ammount of comments on a post, or WHAT? I guess some people just missed this one.

  11. Barbara J Letsom says:

    OhAaaw! I found the CUTE world! I AM NOT ALONE!!

  12. the drizzle says:

    omg that is the cutest ragdoll ever…look at the little pink paw pads, my new desktop it shall be… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. CUTE!!!!